Leased Auction Software for Absentee Auctions and Live Floor Auctions
An affordable opportunity to enhance your business
We have been in the business of pleasing our customers for over fifteen years
  • Current bids immediately updated and displayed over the Internet
  • On-line catalog with thumbnail and full size photos, easy to use
  • Flat rates, no commissions for software services
  • No large investment in software or time to bring your auction on line
  • Customized to handle your specific bidding rules
  • Background colors, designs and text colors may be customized for the auction web pages
  • Easily linked to your existing web site if you have one
  • Less demand will be placed on your telephones from callers who simply want to check the current bid status
  • Many of your current bidders will switch to Internet bidding, enabling them to increase their bids more often.
    As an example one of our clients recently held an auction where 64% of all bids were placed over the Internet directly by the customers.
  • With less demand on your telephones, you will have more time to talk to the bidders who may require more information before they decide how much to bid, and therefore you can help them decide to bid more
Live Auction Demo

Click here for Live Floor Auction - Auctioneer Functions
Click here for Live Floor Auction - Bidder Functions

Absentee Auction Demo

Click here for Absentee Auction - Auctioneer Functions
Click here for Absentee Auction - Bidder Functions

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Live Floor Auction Software Features  
  • Live Interactive Bidding against Floor Bidders
  • Pre-bidding via the Internet
  • Current bids immediately updated and displayed
  • Customized Auctioneer Page
  • Gallery Page
  • Clerk/Staff Page
  • Remote Bidder Page

Current Auctions
run by our clients

Customer testimonial to our services, as published on their web site:
"Many thanks for your cheerful and expert cooperation in modifying your already excellent software to our specific needs."

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